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    VANdoûr universal SWB or MWB / LWB Waterproof Magnetic Close Mosquito, Fly, Bug, Privacy Double layer Screen

    VANdoûr universal SWB or MWB / LWB Waterproof Magnetic Close Mosquito, Fly, Bug, Privacy Double layer Screen

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    VANdoûr Universal screen for side or rear door with a central magnetic opening with an added 2nd layer feature a fully waterproof or privacy outer screen double-sided zip.

    Our VANdoûr screen design will keep the bugs at bay during the day or evening allowing you to keep your van doors open to help keep cool and allow air to flow through your camper.

    Our added feature is a fully waterproof front layer designed to keep everyone dry and cool throughout the night while sleeping, allowing you to keep the side door or rear door (or even both options if you purchase 2) open also helping to reduce CO2 & condensation build-up, this layer can also be used as a privacy screen when changing or relaxing or trying to avoid your neighbours HaHa.

    When not in use this waterproof layer can be rolled up and clipped neatly at the top of the opening, this option is also available for the magnetic net layer fully opening with double-sided zips and can be clipped away inside at the top of the opening.

    Our screen can easily be installed with no experience needed a simple visual manual is provided with your screen.

    • Mosquitoes, midges, flies and bug-proof mesh with 1mm holes
    • Waterproof Privacy layer
    • Improve vehicle ventilation
    • Anti-glare/sunshade
    • The screen can be opened from the inside and outside
    • Great viewing through the screen, it doesn't block the view
    • No damage to your Campervan surface upon removal,
    • The screen can be left in place with the doors closed

    These screens fit many van models.

    If your van is not listed below, just measure your van door opening and compare it with the dimensions. If the door opening width and height fall within the outer excess waterproof tent material area (see dimensions) designed to tuck into the trim rubber (top & sides) it will fit and function perfectly.

    We recommend measuring your Campervan opening before purchase as some models can vary slightly.

    click the relevant size to see all features and campervan options 



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