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    Information About Standard Straight Track & Corners

    Information About Tambour Door Standard Straight Track & 90 Degree Corners 

    Hopefully this information will explain everything you need to know about our this track system to support you with your project.
    If you need anymore information we are happy to support via live chat, Email or Phone.

    Standard Straight track plus 1 x 90 Degree is typically used in a horizontal slide open door option, the track guides the door to slide across and inside compact along the side wall at 90 Degrees.
    This track is provided as standard in all of our TAMdour Tambour kits, we provide 2 lengths of low friction straight track twice the width of your door order & can be to cut to size depending on your layout the 2 x 90 degree corners can be fix to the straight track to guide the inside. 

    For Furniture / Cabinet use - The track must be recessed 11mm deep x 16mm wide and set back from the edge of the unit 5mm.

    For Hard Surface mounting - Bond the Track in place, the underside of the track has a pocket channel to support when applying adhesive to give the track and hard surface a firm grip together.

    Measurement Required - 

    Furniture Vertical Slide - Measure the net size of your cabinet / unit ( inside side wall to inside side wall ) add 18mm to your Net measurement this is to accfor your recessed track and room for your door to slide freely.
    check the measurements at 3 different heights to ensure the unit side walls are completely level.

    Hard Surface Floor / Shower Tray Horizontal SlideMeasure the net size from floor to were you plan to fix the track to, check the measurements at 3 different heights across the open and close are to ensure the height is the same, use the smaller size measurement, the top track must not differ more than 5mm for risk of door sliding out of the track or getting stuck at the low spot,

    We recommend fixing the top track to a batten at the open and close area, place the track on top of the door parallel and level in height, secure the track/batten into place, once you are happy with your door sliding freely open and close between the tracks then fix batten into place,

    The smaller the gap between the top of the door and track will help prevent the door from tilting once you remove the backing transport tape off the door, if the gap is to large the door will tilt and increase friction slide. 

    Track for Silver & Black doors is black 

    Track for White doors doors is white 

    Made from ABS will stand the test of time. 






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