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    Sliding Tambour Door Systems for small living space

    Sliding Tambour Door Systems for small living space

    Sliding Door System for small living spaces- The best Choice 

    The door systems offered by our company are unrivaled when it comes to freedom of movement and maximum exploitation of space. They allow creating an optical division of interior while maintaining the possibility of free arrangement of rooms. What's important, 1 meter width of our door gives you an opening as large as 2.5 meters – which is a record on the market!

    Introduction: It is becoming increasingly popular to use sliding doors in residential and office areas. Thanks to that, we can move outwards swinging doors and create more living or working space where we didn't have it before. What's more, the installation of such doors does not require any structural changes.

    You don't have to worry about the quality either. We make sure that all materials used in production are resistant to mechanical damage and extreme temperature changes. The special method used makes the door elements fit tightly together, ensuring durability and safety during use.


    The main advantages of our door systems are:

    - A wide range of applications – our products will work great at home, in the office, but also in public buildings;

    - Ease and speed of assembly – you can easily install the doors yourself, without having to hire a professional;

    - Aesthetics – our offer includes products whose design will match any interior;

    - Energy efficiency – our doors are made of materials with very good thermal insulation properties;

    - Functionality – our products give you endless possibilities when it comes to arranging your interior;

    - Individual approach – we offer made-to-measure solutions so that your door system is a perfect match for your needs.


    Conclusion: If you're looking for an elegant, functional and space-saving solution for your home, office, Retail store, Small living space, Campervan, RV, motor home and more look no further than our sliding door systems! Our offer includes a wide range of products that will meet your every need, so don't hesitate to contact us today for more information!