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    ROLdoûr Measurements & Fitting

    Measuring and Ordering Your Custom ROLdoûr

    At ROLdoûr, we offer bespoke doors made to order, tailored to your specific needs. To ensure you get the correct size and fit, follow this guide carefully.

    Measurement Instructions

    1. **Outer Edge Frame Size**: The measurements you provide should be for the outer edge frame size, not the door opening size.
    2. **Precise Measurements**: We can build to any millimeter (mm) height or width. Measure twice to ensure accuracy. Note that while the width can be trimmed, the height cannot be adjusted after ordering.

    Ordering Process

    1. **Choose Frame Color**: Select your desired frame color first.
    2. **Select Closest Size**: Pick the set size that is closest to your required dimensions (round up if necessary to allow for trimming).
    3. **Provide Exact Dimensions**: Enter your exact height and width in millimeters in the provided text boxes.
    4. **Select Fabric Color**: Choose your preferred fabric color.
    5. **Choose Fitting Option**: Select either Option A/B or C/D based on your fitting preference.

    Fitting Options

    - **Option A/B**: When standing outside the shower, the cartridge faces you, with the waterproof side at the back. The logo is on the handle, and the cartridge can be mounted on either the left or right side.
    - **Option C/D**: When standing outside the shower, the cartridge faces inside for a flush front finish, with the waterproof side on the inside. The logo is on the handle, and the cartridge can be mounted on either the left or right side. This option is recommended for shower use.

    Measuring and Fitting Tips

    1. **Choose the Best Fit**: Decide which fitting option suits your project best.
    - **Trade Expert Preference**: Experts usually prefer Option C/D, fitting the ROLdoûr frame inside and overlapping the opening.
    - **Visible Frame**: For a visible frame inside and out, use Option A/B. However, for optimal waterproofing, use Option C/D.

    2. **Recessing the Frame**: If recessing the frame, create a 30mm high upstand/splashback in front of the bottom track to keep water inside the shower area. Alternatively, apply clear silicone to the track corners during frame assembly to prevent water leakage.

    Frame Measurements for Recessed Fit

    - **Lower and Top Track**: 30mm height x 20mm depth
    - **Cartridge Depth**: 50mm x 60mm width
    - **Handle Width**: 50/45mm
    - **Combined Cartridge and Handle Width**: 105mm from outside edge to inside the frame
    - **End Frame Door stop **: 15mm width x 20mm depth

    For instance, a 450mm wide door would give you a 325mm walk-through opening after accounting for the cartridge, handle, and door stop widths.

    Installation Tips

    - **Shower Door in Campervan**: Drill drainage holes in the lower frame for proper water flow. If fitting inside a timber frame, ensure water drains into the shower tray.
    - **Silicone Sealing**: Apply silicone to all corner joints and around the door-to-timber frame to prevent leaks.

    Important Note

    **DO NOT** install the track below the shower tray as this will prevent proper drainage.

    Helpful Resources

    For more detailed guidance, please refer to our instructional videos:

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    We hope this guide helps you to measure, order, and fit your ROLdoûr correctly. For any additional assistance, please contact our customer support.

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