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    Black curved tambour sliding door

    TAMdoûr Bespoke

    Made to Measure Tambour Doors

    Premium made to measure space saving door solutions for any project.

    ROLdoûr Bespoke

    Made to Measure Retractable Doors

    Premium made to measure space saving retractable roller door solutions for any project.

    ZIPdoûr Shower Door

    Insulated Overland 4x4 Shower Door

    Double Zip insulated Overland 4x4 Shower Door

    VANdoûr Universal

    Universal Mosquito Net with Waterproof / Privacy Layer

    Available in 2 sizes available to fit almost all Campervans / RV’s



    Available in 3 colours in 2 popular Set Sizes


    Whether you’re looking to create a unique look or a fusion of living and work space, We understand that today’s residents expect interiors that are a perfect match for their lifestyles and they need to be compact too, as the continuing mega-trend towards urban living means that more and more people are sharing the same space. 

    Our Space Saving Sliding, Retractable or Folding doors are a convenient way to save space, as you don’t need the room for outward swinging doors as with conventional storage units.

    THEdoûr Brands

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    • TAMdoûr Tambour Door Kits

      All our Tambour doors are Made to Order & Made to Measure on request at no extra costs.

    • ROLdoûr Retractable Fabric Doors

      All our Retractable Doors are Made to Order & Made to Measure on request at no extra costs.

    • FOLdoûr

      Lightweight Bi Folding Door

      Available in 3 colour frames &

      set sizes designed for


    • VANdoûr

      Universal fit Campervan

      Mosquito Net for both side &

      rear Doors for most campers

    • WINdoûr

      Sprinter Insulated Window & Blackout Covers for all ages.

    • ZIPdoûr

      The ultimate insulated shower door designed exclusively for off-road campervans and RVs.

    • FLEXdoûr Universal

      FLEXdoûr offers an innovative range of All PVC space-saving folding shower solutions 100% made in Italy

    ROLdoûr Bespoke

    Product Features

    ROLdoûr Cartridge Options

    Weather your looking for a vertical or horizontal slide we have the option for