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    Tambour door systems are becoming more and more popular in the business and retail world.

    Tambour door systems are becoming more and more popular in the business and retail world.

    Tambour door systems are becoming more and more popular in the business and retail world. But what are they? And why should you choose one for your company? Here we'll explore everything you need to know about tambour door systems and show you why they're a great option for your business. 

    We are a leading manufacturer of tambour doors, and we receive many orders from trade campervan conversion companies. needing either a large tambour doors or retractable waterproof fabric door to fit as a sliding shower door to replace a standard outward swinging door.
    We are able to manufacture to size and deliver worldwide to your door, which will save you time and money. We offer a trade discount to our customers, so they can always get the best price possible.

    Our team speak with many companies with like this worldwide, and we have a lot of experience with what these experts expect from us.

    We speak with many Trade companies worldwide, from different industries such as Architect’s, interior designers, cabinet makers, kitchen fitters & The construction industry from builders, carpenters and always offer advice looking at plans, measurements & pictures to best offer advice.

    we're experts in manufacturing tambour doors to their exact mm requirements with a low minimum order quantity of 1 door & not 100’s as most manufacturers expect for bespoke.

    We can deliver to your door within 12 to 14 working days, (check shipping at checkout for current delivery times) which saves our customers from having to buy an over-sized door kit and cutting it themselves - risking both time and money,



    • Tambour doors are a great way to save space, as they don't need the room for a swinging door.


    With a Tambour door systems you can slide the door or doors open and closed on the tracked guides.

    You have multiple options with our Tambour door systems,

    Any size of door, easily cut to fit any space, bespoke sizes available and Various options for closing of doors, specific to your needs:

    Door which can close from either the left or the right,

    Doors which can slide up or down

    Doors that can slide to meet in the middle.

    TAMdour also offer a door which can be set on a curved track giving you a D shape curved door effect.


    • They're perfect for small spaces, where you need easy access but don't want the door to take up valuable space


    Our stylish Tambour door kits look great in a camper conversion, They are also ideal for use in the home for garages or offices, to maximise storage and save on space. they are suitable for various changing environments hot or cold wet or dry as they are made of ABS plastic which retains colour and shape built to last.


    • Tambour doors come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find one that matches your home’s décor

    We offer 3 popular colour options either Silver, Gloss Black or White there is also a choice of colour for the door handle in either Silver, Black, or white these can be mix and match. Making us one of the most versatile manufacturers & suppliers for high quality tambour door kits.

    Our white door option also comes with white track to blend with your door without having to use the standard black track option.


    •  They're relatively easy to install, so you can do it yourself or hire a professional.


    We offer online advice and support through a personal call or email, WhatsApp, messenger or text.

    We also have a catalogue of videos on YouTube to help measure up, order & fit.

    We also offer a bespoke doors option called ROLdoûr a retractable fabric door with a blush fabric which is also waterproof that is very simple to fit available in many colours, which you will also be able to see on our YouTube channel THEdoûr https://youtube.com/user/mrshifter1980



    •  Keep in mind that tambour doors may not be suitable for all homes, so make sure to check if they're right for yours before making a purchase.


    Tambour doors are designed to offer great curb appeal designed for space saving furniture doors

    which has been adapted over time to fit camper RV shower rooms and with new creative interior design ideas offer a sophisticated, stylish and flexible solutions creating a unique look a fusion between living and work space, remember that the front is different to the back and may not suit a divide between two living areas.



    We recommend purchasing a made to measure option, trust in the experts & avoid buying tambour door kits off the shelf, you will have to cut to size, you could make a costly error by over cutting or not cutting each slat level, if cheaper pvc chip off or scratch paint & have to pay over the odds for a larger door to just throw the trimmings away, THEdoûr offer you the full service, advice to measure, built to order, designed to you colour requirements from our 3 door colours & handles, parts and aftersales & parts.


    If you are researching our doors for recommendations to a trade experts please request ABS quality and not poor pvc ABS is built to last you a life time.


    Please take our advice avoid oversized cheap set size pvc kits