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    Planning to Recess a space saving door into an opening.

    To create the most space-efficient door solution from THEdour, consider the following:

    • If you intend to embed a door within an opening, situated snugly between two side walls and extending from floor to ceiling or within a frame made of timber or plywood, you have various door options at your disposal.

    • ROLdoûr doors can be custom-made to precise measurements, down to the millimeter. Attach them securely to the frame's side walls, using screws or adhesive. Apply clear silicone underneath the track and at the joints during installation. For enhanced waterproofing, consider adding a small splash back to the front of the bottom track to redirect any potential leaks inward.

    • Constructing the frame and securing it in place is a straightforward process. You can find detailed instructions on our website in an instructional video.

    • When placing an order, provide the total height and width measurements of the frame.

    TAMdoûr tambour doors, when used with our kit, can fit snugly within an opening. We offer an L-shaped facia trim that matches the door's height and color. This trim is affixed to the side wall at the door's far end, concealing the 90-degree turn inside. The door closes against the opposite side wall.

    • Ensure the top and bottom tracks are surface-bonded level and parallel. If desired, request additional L-shaped facia trim to hide these tracks, making sure it matches the door's width. Alternatively, recess the top and bottom tracks to align flush with your floor.

    FOLdoûr doors come in set sizes and can be installed between two sidewalls spaced 700-710mm apart. Alternatively, they can be placed within an opening ranging from 680-690mm, featuring 15-18mm thick ply walls. Ensure they rest on clear silicone, and choose a height of either 1700mm or 1800mm for your specific needs.