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    ZIPdoûr Insulated Double Zip Shower Door Designed for Overland 4x4 Camper / RV

    ZIPdoûr Insulated Double Zip Shower Door Designed for Overland 4x4 Camper / RV

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    Introducing ZIPdoûr, the ultimate insulated shower door designed exclusively for off-road campervans and RVs. Engineered for easy installation and practicality, ZIPdoûr boasts a double-waterproof zipper system for a hassle-free experience. Simply zip up, fold, and secure at the top for a convenient walkthrough opening.

    Built for the rugged conditions of overland off-road adventures, ZIPdoûr is constructed with a robust 5-layer design to tackle the toughest challenges. The interior features a premium UV50+ waterproof polyester face fabric that is both stain-resistant and lightweight.

    The second and fourth layers consist of top-quality pure aluminium radiant heat barriers, providing effective insulation without compromising on noise. Sandwiched between them, the third layer utilizes high-quality 5mm automotive-grade insulation foam for superior thermal performance.

    ZIPdoûr's fifth layer, the outer fabric, is constructed from premium UV50+ waterproof polyester in sleek black. This not only offers privacy but also ensures easy cleaning, making maintenance a breeze after your outdoor escapades.

    Upgrade your campervan or RV with ZIPdoûr, the insulated shower door that stands up to the elements, giving you a comfortable and reliable shower experience wherever your off-road adventures take you.

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