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    More information about TAMdoûr Bespoke Tambour door kits

    Why Choose TAMdoûr Bespoke Tambour Space-Saving Door Kits

    TAMdoûr Bespoke Tambour door kits


    Why choose a tambour door system?

    Individual, versatile and space-saving

    When it comes to interior design, sophisticated, stylish and flexible solutions are right at the top of the wish list. Whether you’re looking to create a unique look or a fusion of living and work space, today’s residents expect interiors that are a perfect match for their lifestyles. And they need to be compact too, as the continuing mega-trend towards urban living means that more and more people are sharing the same space.

    Tambour doors are a convenient way to save space, as you don’t need the room for outward swinging doors as with conventional storage units.

    With our Tambour door systems you can slide the doors open and closed on the tracked guides.

    A popular door choice for use in Campervans, RV Motorhomes or within the home for use with kitchen doors, Self build storage or within your business for storage and many other options. 

    TAMdoûr Bespoke doors

    Why choose our Tambour doors?

    Many Tambour doors supplied to the UK currently are made of PVC plastic or part PVC plastic, in comparison our new and improved Worldwide Tamdoûr Bespoke Tambour space-saving doors have been upgraded with a new handle flush to close system and are made from ABS plastic giving our Tamdoûr Bespoke Tambour doors:

    A strong structure ensuring no shape change when pressure is applied to the surface of the slats. Suitable for use around a water source for example in a shower room or WC ABS plastic weathers well and does not damage with sun exposure or become brittle ABS plastic is fire resistant providing a safer environment within your campervan conversion, caravan, home, garage or office space. 

    This made ABS plastic a superior choice for our Tamdoûr Bespoke Tambour doors and we are pleased to be able to supply Worldwide with our enhanced Tambour doors. 


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