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    About THEdoûr


    Whether you're outfitting campervans, RVs, Tiny Homes, enhancing preloved furniture, or crafting new modern storage furniture, we have the perfect space-saving doors for you.
    Embrace the challenge of maximizing small living spaces while achieving a unique ambiance or seamless fusion of living and workspace.

    Our cutting-edge Space Saving doors offer a brilliant solution, freeing you from the limitations of traditional outward swinging doors.
    Elevate your space optimization game with THEdoûr!

    Discover a world of expertise and support at THEdoûr.

    Our seasoned team of experts has cultivated a wealth of knowledge spanning countless years, poised to elevate your projects and empower your business across a spectrum of industries.

    From interior designers to furniture and cabinet makers, architects, and camper/RV conversion aficionados, we're your versatile partners for success.

    Located in the heart of Pembrokeshire in South West Wales (UK) we stand as a beacon for sales, aftersales, and parts fulfillment.

    With our strategically stocked inventory in the UK and seamless factory-direct arrangements beyond its borders, we offer optimal support to our global network of trade partners.

    Our international shipping prowess ensures your orders reach your doorstep worldwide.

    Whether you're a thriving trade enterprise seeking large-volume solutions on tight timelines, or an individual embarking on a personal home project in need of a single custom door, we've got you covered.

    Our agility spans the spectrum, catering to the diverse needs of both robust trade customers and discerning private clients.

    Experience innovation in every inch of your space with our esteemed brand names: TAMdoûr, ROLdoûr, FOLdoûr, NETdoûr.

    These labels epitomize our commitment to ingenious space-saving door options, presenting a world of possibilities for your surroundings.

    For the wanderers and adventurers among us, we proudly introduce a distinctive offering tailored to campervan and RV enthusiasts. Introducing the VANdoûr Universal Mosquito Net, meticulously designed to fit 99% of vans. Enhanced with an added privacy layer, this ingenious solution safeguards against bothersome bugs, granting you unrivaled tranquility during your cherished getaways and brief respites.

    Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have elevated their visions with THEdoûr.

    Experience excellence, innovation, and unwavering support as you embark on a journey of boundless possibilities.
    Your success is our passion.